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Teddy Ruxpin Animated Story Telling Teddy Bear

If your child loves hearing stories, but you can’t read their favourite book once more, then Teddy Ruxpin- the animated story telling teddy bear can do it for you. This bear has been around for years, but the latest version also has an Airship Adventure and Song Package included. (more…)

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Bananas In Pyjamas

Aside from being one of the most recognisable children’s television series characters, Bananas in Pyjamas have also been remembered for their catchy jingle. The song at the beginning of the children’s show has children captured from the first bar of the song. (more…)

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Alice The Camel

Remember the days of singing to this tune. You were probably in kindergarten and it was sung to you to reinforce the idea of counting. If this song is sung in a group, there are actions that accompany it. (more…)

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The Hokey-Pokey

The Hokey-Pokey is a song and dance that has become popular around the world. Whether you learn it in pre-school or during your first year of primary school, at some stage in your life you will do the Hokey-Pokey. According to legend, the Hokey-Pokey was created as a novelty dance in 1949 to provide entertainment […]

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Old MacDonald Had A Farm

This children’s classic is one that is passed down from generation to generation. ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ is a nursery rhyme about a farmer and the various animals he keeps on his farm. Each verse changes to a different animal, and is accompanied by the noise they make. You can add or subtract the […]

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Humpty Dumpy

Humpty Dumpy is a simple lyrical song that is based upon 15th century England. There are many theories as to what the rhyme was about, but there is no set meaning. You can draw your own conclusions as to who, or what Humpty Dumpty is, but here are a few common explanations for the song. […]

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Hickory dickory dock

This nonsense song uses alliteration to get a small child or baby’s attention. The aim is for the child to mimic the sound of a clock chiming when it reaches the appropriate part of the nursery rhyme. This song is intended to introduce children to the importance of telling the time and the sound (olden […]

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