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Children Who Don’t Enjoy Sport

If you are a parent who is active and likes sporting activities, it can be hard to motivate your child if they don’t enjoy sport. But don’t despair, there are still lots of great activities your child can do to stay active that doesn’t involve sporting skills. (more…)

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How To Work From Home With Children

Working from home can be a distraction in itself, let alone working at home with children. This is where your have to combine parent with employee and it is not an easy task. (more…)

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Faith, Hope & Lullabies

The Faith, Hope & Lullabies CD is a great gift for anyone with a newborn child. This peaceful and quiet CD will help put your child to sleep, any time of the day or night. (more…)

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How To Act When Your Child Throws a Tantrum

Every parent has been there before and has had to deal with this scenario. Your usually well behaved angelic child is suddenly full of rage, and uncontrollable, engaging in a full on temper tantrum. And the worse part is your usual discipline methods haven’t worked on the child’s attitude. So what do you do? (more…)

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How To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room

This debate happens between parents and child at some stage in their life. There is no specific time the ‘cleaning’ debate will occur, but there is no doubt it will happen. A parents version of clean and a child’s will differ immensely. (more…)

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