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Overcoming Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is a tough subject for everyone involved. For the kid, it is a case of embarrassment and disappointment, while for the parents it can be a mixed bag of emotions (more…)

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Your Child’s First Day of School

The first day of school is a big step in the growth and personal development for any child. It signals their first taste of independence and daily separation from their parents. (more…)

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How To Talk To Your Child About Race

When it comes to explaining differences in race, no one said it better than Michael Jackson- “it doesn’t matter if we’re black or white”. The world is filled with diversity of culture, race, and languages and will be part of a child’s daily life. Children become curious with their surroundings, and as they learn they will […]

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Submarine Collection

The arrival of a baby means dressing them for warmth and well as looks, clothing coming in all colours and sizes. Parents can dress their child as they wish, and even ‘role play’ a little. With Rabbit Moon’s Submarine collection, parents can dress their child up as a little sailor. (more…)

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Fold And Go Deluxe Playmat

Playmats are great toys for infants as they allow children to explore themselves and new objects around them. The Fold and Go deluxe playmat is two things in one, it can be a naptime space or expand to be a large playground. (more…)

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How To Read To Your Child

Reading to your children can be a rewarding experience. Sometimes parents may dislike this bonding experience for a number of reasons, and it may seem more of a chore than a fun, learning experience for your child. (more…)

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Health Problems For School Kids

Once children reach school, you will find there are a number of health problems that may arise. School-age children are prone to a range of health issues, some that are just part of being an active kid. (more…)

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Children Who Don’t Enjoy Sport

If you are a parent who is active and likes sporting activities, it can be hard to motivate your child if they don’t enjoy sport. But don’t despair, there are still lots of great activities your child can do to stay active that doesn’t involve sporting skills. (more…)

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First Words And Talking

Hearing your child speak their first word is a rewarding experience. It means that they are learning and adapting to the world around them, and before you know it they will be talking your ear off. (more…)

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How To Work From Home With Children

Working from home can be a distraction in itself, let alone working at home with children. This is where your have to combine parent with employee and it is not an easy task. (more…)

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