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Spring Activities

With spring comes colourful flowers, a cool chill of the outdoors and a hint of sunshine. Spring is the time when kids love to be outdoors, but it can also be a time of allergies from the pollen and freshly cut grass. There are both indoor and outdoor activities children can complete in Spring. (more…)

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Children Who Don’t Enjoy Sport

If you are a parent who is active and likes sporting activities, it can be hard to motivate your child if they don’t enjoy sport. But don’t despair, there are still lots of great activities your child can do to stay active that doesn’t involve sporting skills. (more…)

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How To Get Your Kids More Active

As a parent it is important you encourage your child to get active. Moving around and doing exercise is important for a child’s health and wellbeing and it is your responsibility to ensure your child does this. (more…)

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After School Activities- Keeping Kids Active

In our society, sadly more and more children are being classed in the overweight category. This is not always a result of poor diet, but perhaps a result of limited exercise. (more…)

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Toddler Learning Games

Parents want to educate their child in the best way possible, but no parent wants to impinge on their child’s fun and game time. Educational and learning games allow parents to give children all the information they need whilst allowing them to have fun. (more…)

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Winter Games

As the rain clouds set in and we begin to feel the chill of winter, it makes playing outside a rather difficult task. Sure, we can rug up the children and take them outdoors but with the cold sometimes comes rain and this can put an end to outside play time. (more…)

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