Tips For Dads to Help Dress Their Kids!

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a dad with their son or daughter? Do you notice something different about when you see kids with their mums?

I know that it’s a blatant over generalization but I always seem to notice that when kids are with their dads they aren’t dressed the best. I find that dads, and I include my husband in this, don’t always know how to dress their kids and in particular how to coordinate their clothes or do little girls’ hair.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, as with most things, but today I’m going to give the dads a few hints on how to dress their little people in a way that mum would be happy with.


As a general rule, wearing the same (or similar) colour head to toe is not a good idea. For example, a little girl dressed in a pale pink top with medium pink cardigan and dark pink pants is not a good look no matter how much your little princess thinks it might be. Unless it’s a dress, a pair of overalls or a specific set (like a tracksuit), the general rule is to have one main colour on the top and something different on the bottom.

On the other hand having your child looking like they just walked through a rainbow isn’t going to work either, so you have to strike the right sort of balance.

If you know anything about the colour wheel, put that use into knowledge for dressing your kids. Orange and blue, red and green, purple and yellow, these are all good combinations of colours. Though you don’t want a plain red top with green pants, try to get a top (or pair of pants) with both colours in it and then have the other item of clothing a plain colour.

When all else fails, remember that any colour goes well with denim, so long as it’s not more denim! A pair of jeans and any colour top will always look great.


Generally a child will be cooler than you are and will feel the cold more than you will, so you have to plan appropriately. Mum won’t be happy if she comes home to a sick child because you haven’t dressed him or her properly.

In winter, always have your child’s legs and arms covered. I know a lot of dads don’t feel the cold and get around in shorts for the entire year, but little people can’t do this. As a general rule in winter, put an extra layer on your child: if you are wearing a t-shirt put the child in a long sleeved shirt and if you have a jumper on make sure the little one has a long sleeved shirt and a jumper on.

Summer presents the problem of sunburn. Whilst little strappy dresses and tops look adorable, they are not good in the harsh Australian summer and your little girl is likely to end up sunburnt. The same goes for tank tops on little boys. This is not to say that you need to completely cover your child’s skin, just be aware that their skin is more sensitive and more likely to burn than yours.


When children head out of the house anywhere, they need to wear a pair of shoes. The problem is deciding which shoes they need to wear.

If your child is wearing long pants s/he needs to have closed in shoes on, boots, joggers, girls dress shoes etc are fine as long as the toes are enclosed. This means no thongs or sandles with jeans.

You can put on a variety of shoes from sandles and thongs to joggers if your child is wearing knee length or ¾ pants. The only rule here is not to put boots on a child that is wearing short pants. The no boots rule doesn’t apply to skirts of any length, you have free reign here.

Anything shorter than knee length gives you the greatest choice as any sort of shoes will work well with the outfit.


Brush your child’s hair. Simple.

Mums in general would have had lots of practice doing their own hair so they know how to translate this to their daughter’s hair. We know that it’s hard for dads to do hair because it’s just not something they’ve ever done before (unless of course they have long hair themselves). You just need to remember that even if you can’t tie it up, or get a clip to sit in it properly, you need to make sure it is brushed to prevent knocks forming.

When all else fails, have a hunt online and find a badge for your child to proudly wear stating: “Dressed By Dad”

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