Preparing a Nutritious Lunchbox

Though some parents are glad that their children are eligible to go to school, they dread making and packing lunch for their kids. Preparing a nutritious lunch box for kindergarten kids is not an easy task since they do not like most of the food we eat. They love junk food! Once they are exposed to the cafeteria food in school, they would always like to have that food, which is tastier and has high calories. However, with a few handy tips at bay, there isn’t much need for mom’s to fret! Look for these below and see how you can incorporate this in your child’s life:


  1. Fruits and fruit juices: Fruits provide children with the basic and the most essential nutrients. A fruit in the lunch box is necessary. Some children do not like to eat fruits because of the texture or the sight of the fruit. For such children, parents can pack fresh fruit juices which are available in tetra packs at the supermarkets. Make sure that you pack fruits like apples and bananas which are easy to carry. Fruits like oranges can cause a mess in the lunch bag if the juice from the fruit comes out.
  2. Vegetables: Unlike fruits, vegetables need to be cut and made into salads. Vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, and capsicum can be cut and mixed together to make a salad. Otherwise, vegetables can be added to sandwiches, pizzas and burgers.
  3. Wheat products:  You can also include whole wheat pastas along with some vegetables or even brown rice with curry. Wraps or pancakes are also a healthy option. Besides all this, whole wheat bread can be teamed up with cheese which will also provide the child with enough proteins. One can replace the cheese with peanut butter which is also an excellent protein food.
  4. Proteins: Proteins is necessary in a child’s diet because he has to remain active throughout the day- at school, at play and even at home. If the child is not used to eating meat daily, parents can pack baked beans for lunch. Beans are one of the best sources for protein. For meat, hamburgers or chicken nuggets with vegetables are ideal.
  5. Milk and milk products: If the child is given whole wheat or whole protein lunch, make it complete with milk or its products. Yoghurt is the best accompaniment with a whole wheat meal. It not only gives the daily does of calcium but also gives a soothing feeling to the child. Simple milk or flavored milk can be added to the lunch kit for your child. Soy milk is supposed to be a great source of calcium and proteins too.


A simple lunch which includes all the nutrients mentioned above will make a very healthy lunch for your child. But, make sure the daily lunch does not provide excess of a particular nutrient!




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