School Uniform Advice

Schooling days can be quite expensive for parents; from the books, fees, uniform, it all adds up. Every child must have their school uniform and if it is your first child going to school you will more than likely need to purchase everything brand new. Before you go shopping for uniform you should make a list of what you will need.

The basic school uniform will consist of pants, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, jumpers, skirts, shorts and dresses. With this you will also need to purchase appropriate shoes and for summer a hat.

Depending on the school, you may have to purchase specific blazers, ties etc, which will add more to your expenses.

If you are buying uniform brand new, you should think about purchasing clothing that is a little big on your child. As uniform is expensive and children grow so quickly, it is best to get uniform that the child will grow into to. That way you can get true value for money.

Buying clothing a larger size will also mean it will last longer, and once the child has outgrown the uniform you may be able to keep it for the next child. If the uniform remains the same, then you already have a uniform for the next child to begin school.

If you don’t have anymore children and the uniform is still in good condition, pass it on to friends. And don’t be afraid to accept hand-me downs also. If someone offers you school uniform that their child doesn’t fit in to, accept. Alter clothing if it doesn’t fit correctly; change it to fit your child.

For footwear, ensure your child has neat but comfortable shoes. They will be in their shoes all day, and will complete a range of activities throughout the day. Don’t spend a fortune on school shoes as more than likely the child will wear them out before they out grow them. Just ensure your child is comfortable in their footwear before they begin school. Try purchasing the school shoes in advance and let the child wear them in before they start their first day.

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