Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

If your child/ren liked the first Ice Age and adored the second, then the third will be sure to have them entranced. The third instalment of the animation Ice Age is coming to cinemas next month, and is a children’s film that will keep both children and adults entertained.

Like Shrek, the Ice Age films are entertaining for children yet have subtle, adult only jokes thrown in that only older viewers will understand. The cleaver animation film series will be worth watching.

This time- Ice Age: Dawn of the dinosaurs will take you on an incredible adventure through the ‘ice’ ages of the dinosaur. Scrat is still trying to get that nut he has been chasing after since the first film and finds true love; Manny and Ellie are waiting for the arrival of their mini-mammoth, Sid gets in trouble when he hijacks some dinosaur eggs to create a family; and Dieogo the tiger questions whether he is too ‘soft’ from hanging around with his friends.

On their mission to rescue Sid the sloth, the pack venture to the underground world of the dinosaurs and run- a- muck on their wild adventure. The family fun film will be released in cinemas July 1st.

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