How To Get Involved In Your Child’s Education

A child will learn from their parents before they get educated at school, and parental guidance should not stop once the child has stepped through the school gates.

To give your child the best education possible you don’t have to send them to the most expensive school, rather, just be involved in their education.

Studies have proven that children do better in school when their parents take an interest in their education and have active input.

Previously, parents were informed when their child has done something to disrupt the system and only received notification of negative feedback. Now, schools are trying to keep parents up to date with response systems that also provide positive feedback.

Some schools are even sending parents emails and letters, notifying them of their child’s education. The best way to get involved in your child’s schooling is to have good communication between yourself and the school. Here are some tips to expand your interaction for your child’s learning.

• Talk regularly- ask your child about their school day. Ask them what they learnt or found interesting, what they liked or disliked. Be interested in their day and don’t react if they simply respond “good” or “fine”.
• Help with study habits- create a peaceful environment for them to study. Give them a clutter free space and encourage them when they are doing study. Assist with their homework if needed, but do not complete the work for the child.
• Get suggestions from their teachers- if they are struggling with a subject, arrange a meeting with the teacher and see how you can help.
• Attend meetings- learn about school polices and future decisions at parent meetings. Join the parent, school board and find out what’s going on in the school.

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