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Grilled Fish & Chips

Fast Foods to Make at Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to find foods that your children are happy to eat, but they always seem to be happy with fast food options. We discovered that our children tend to like the fast food options that come with a small toy included. The toy is always favoured over the food, so we […]

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Preparing a Nutritious Lunchbox

Though some parents are glad that their children are eligible to go to school, they dread making and packing lunch for their kids. Preparing a nutritious lunch box for kindergarten kids is not an easy task since they do not like most of the food we eat. They love junk food! Once they are exposed […]

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Food Allergies and How You Can Get Past Them

Amongst all the issues that plague a parent, dealing with food allergies is perhaps the worst of them. There is a very real danger of the child falling seriously ill and not recuperating well. Parents do lose sleep over it and try as hard as they may, there is always a risk of slipping up […]

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Yummy winter soups for kids

Good food makes one happy. It’s a mystery how food can provide comfort in our weary or poignant days. And one of the consoling fares is soup. Soups are great to keep you warm on a cold weather or served as an appetizer to a hearty meal or just something that will keep you company […]

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poor diet

How a poor diet affects children’s behaviour

Feeding kids is a challenge. Mothers and caregivers often have a difficult time making their kids eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, families who are not abundantly blessed with food struggle on how to provide their growing children with the proper vitamins and minerals. Although these are two different scenarios that […]

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children vegetables

Four vegetables to grow with the kids in autumn in your climate

Growing your own vegetables is a wonderful activity to do together with your kids. As they watch your veges grow they’ll be keen to get them on their plates. They’ll learn a lot too, about eating with the seasons, how plant life works, and how much better fresh food tastes. All this will help set […]

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Autumn fruit and vegetables

The best autumn fruit and vegetables for your kids

  The news reports of the summer’s natural disasters in Queensland showed us damaged crops and foretold of food missing from supermarket shelves. But, besides the price of bananas, have you really noticed? When food shopping today it is too easy for us to have no idea about the seasons for what we eat. The […]

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Summer Time Foods for Kids

Summer time is a great period for kids to get out of the house and become active in the fresh air. However, while their active lifestyle is great for their health, they often undo all of the good work by indulging in they typical summer time diet. Hot dogs, cake, ice-cram, chips, sweets, meat pies, […]

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Kids and Breakfast

Nutritionists will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only for ourselves, but more importantly for children. Children need a healthy breakfast everyday to ensure they get the nutrition they need to make it through the day. (more…)

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Parents Raise Fussy Eaters

Almost 40 percent of Australian parents are raising fussy eaters which is a problem that is costing not only time, but money and extra effort in the kitchen, the the Nestlé National Voice of Aussie Mums survey found.The survey of around 16,000 mothers found that mums will still take on more cooking duties if their […]

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