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Grilled Fish & Chips

Fast Foods to Make at Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to find foods that your children are happy to eat, but they always seem to be happy with fast food options. We discovered that our children tend to like the fast food options that come with a small toy included. The toy is always favoured over the food, so we […]

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Preparing a Nutritious Lunchbox

Though some parents are glad that their children are eligible to go to school, they dread making and packing lunch for their kids. Preparing a nutritious lunch box for kindergarten kids is not an easy task since they do not like most of the food we eat. They love junk food! Once they are exposed […]

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Food Allergies and How You Can Get Past Them

Amongst all the issues that plague a parent, dealing with food allergies is perhaps the worst of them. There is a very real danger of the child falling seriously ill and not recuperating well. Parents do lose sleep over it and try as hard as they may, there is always a risk of slipping up […]

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Health line

24 Hour Health Advice Lines

Sometimes as a parent it’s hard to know when to contact your doctor or hospital when your child is sick. There might be times when you have already seen your doctor but it’s the middle of the night and your child is getting worse. There might also be times when you are feeling unwell, but […]

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Night Terrors and Nightmares in Children

It’s quite scary when your child wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. It’s scarier still when you can’t seem to calm them down no matter what you try. Then, in the morning when you ask what the problem was, they have no idea what you’re talking about. Welcome to the world of […]

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Fridge counter in supermarket

How to instantly get toxic chemicals out of your kid’s lives

Early last year environmental researchers Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie struck a cord with Australian parents promoting their book Slow Death By Rubber Duck. By pointing out the scary brew of toxic chemicals we unknowingly exposure our kids to each day, their book has changed some how many households operate, without much hassle. For you […]

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Autumn fruit and vegetables

The best autumn fruit and vegetables for your kids

  The news reports of the summer’s natural disasters in Queensland showed us damaged crops and foretold of food missing from supermarket shelves. But, besides the price of bananas, have you really noticed? When food shopping today it is too easy for us to have no idea about the seasons for what we eat. The […]

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Is Your Child Watching Too Much TV?

Kids love TV. It’s nothing new. Since the birth of the small screen more than 60 years ago, they have become one of the biggest influences on the world, and in particular on how kids are brought up. In the early stages of the 20th century when television did not exist, kids used to entertain […]

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Spanking Children

Spanking kids is a very controversial issue, and one that is very hard to cover without creating debate of some sort. It is for this reason alone I will make this post very brief and only surface level. (more…)

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Overweight Children and Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing issue in the world today and one that has large importance in the future of our next generation. In Australia, about one-quarter of children are now overweight or obese (more…)

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