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Ten free kid things to do this autumn in Brisbane

As we head into some milder weather get the kids out and about with these events around Brisbane; they are all free! 1. 21st Century Kids Festival This 11-day program celebrates the unique ways we have lived our lives in the first decade of the 21st century. Full of activities for your kids, the program […]

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Getting Your Kids Outside and Active This Winter

Summers coming up, and with the great weather and summer holidays, it’s a great time for your kids to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and benefit from some physical exercise. (more…)

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Children Who Don’t Enjoy Sport

If you are a parent who is active and likes sporting activities, it can be hard to motivate your child if they don’t enjoy sport. But don’t despair, there are still lots of great activities your child can do to stay active that doesn’t involve sporting skills. (more…)

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Exercise For Young Children And Babies

It may not seem like it, but babies and young children need to exercise too. They are not as physically active as older children, but get exercise in different ways. (more…)

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After School Activities- Keeping Kids Active

In our society, sadly more and more children are being classed in the overweight category. This is not always a result of poor diet, but perhaps a result of limited exercise. (more…)

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Let Children Play Outside

A lot has changed since the ‘good old days’ when you could let your children play outside without a care in the world. Children could play outside both day and night, and were even allowed to play without supervision. (more…)

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