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Developing Language Skills in Your Child

Babies have milestones of development right from day they are born. The first walk and the first words are all signs of development in them. While some changes may be noticed without (more…)

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Educating your child on internet safety

Children are now exploring a wide variety of entertainment options.  Besides television and computer gaming, internet has become an indispensable means of entertainment, communication and information. Children have to use internet not only for emails or instant messaging, but also for getting additional information for their project and reports. However, their use of internet may […]

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Making Homework Fun

After returning from school, children either play or sleep. But, whether your child likes it or not, there is homework to be done before returning to school the next day!  Completing homework is a task not only for the kids but for their parents too. In order to make sure that their children complete their […]

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Six Books for New Siblings

Introducing a new child into the family can be a stressful time, especially for the older siblings. Sometimes the older children are still very young and don’t understand the idea of having a baby in the house. Other times, the siblings will be a bit older and will be upset by no longer being the […]

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Health line

24 Hour Health Advice Lines

Sometimes as a parent it’s hard to know when to contact your doctor or hospital when your child is sick. There might be times when you have already seen your doctor but it’s the middle of the night and your child is getting worse. There might also be times when you are feeling unwell, but […]

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Encouraging your child’s imagination

Babies were born with 100 billion brain cells. As he approaches the toddler stage, his nervous system has already created countless connections that will aid him in his cognitive abilities. Like a seed that is nurtured to grow into a big tree, the key to transforming these connections into networks is through the repetition of […]

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Bullying in the playground

At some point in one’s childhood or adolescent life, he or she became a victim of bullying in the playground. Or the other way around, he or she was the bully in the playground. Bullying is behavior done in isolation such as in the playground where nobody was there at the time the incident happened. […]

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Your Child’s First Day of School

The first day of school is a big step in the growth and personal development for any child. It signals their first taste of independence and daily separation from their parents. (more…)

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Pocket Money- The Value Of Money

It is never too early to teach children the value of money. It is used daily in our society, and as a parent it is your responsibility to teach children about our currency. (more…)

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First Words And Talking

Hearing your child speak their first word is a rewarding experience. It means that they are learning and adapting to the world around them, and before you know it they will be talking your ear off. (more…)

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