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Developing Language Skills in Your Child

Babies have milestones of development right from day they are born. The first walk and the first words are all signs of development in them. While some changes may be noticed without (more…)

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Making Homework Fun

After returning from school, children either play or sleep. But, whether your child likes it or not, there is homework to be done before returning to school the next day!  Completing homework is a task not only for the kids but for their parents too. In order to make sure that their children complete their […]

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Six Books for New Siblings

Introducing a new child into the family can be a stressful time, especially for the older siblings. Sometimes the older children are still very young and don’t understand the idea of having a baby in the house. Other times, the siblings will be a bit older and will be upset by no longer being the […]

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Keeping children occupied in the school holidays

Children often complain and die of boredom during the school holidays and keeping them occupied can be a challenge. Here are Kidding’s suggestions for keeping children occupied during school holidays: • Teach or enroll them in a cooking class. Give them the benefits of learning how to cook even the simplest and basic dishes. Developing […]

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Gruffalo child

Ten kid things to do this autumn in Sydney

The summer with all its events may be over but there is still plenty going on in autumn around Sydney for you to enjoy with your kids. Here is ten ideas to get you out and about: 1. Penrith City Festival Come to the Penrith City Festival for family fun including a Street Parade at […]

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Geography Educational Game

Teaching children about countries other than Australia is important so that they have a wide knowledge of the world we live in. The foray into geography is huge, and you can choose any country you wish to educate your child further on. (more…)

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ABC Bingo Activity

Children will learn their ABC’s in their early years of schooling. Knowing the alphabet is an integral part of literacy and your child will need to become familiar with the letters in the alphabet. (more…)

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Virtual Dissection- Frog game

Children can learn a lot from doing. This is why there are classes in schools aimed at teaching children by experimentation. One such activity is the virtual frog dissection game that allows children to learn about the frogs anatomy through the virtual world. (more…)

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Educational Games

There are games children play for fun and there are those they play to learn. Although learning is not the child’s main objective, educational games provide children with information as well as entertainment and they can teach children some important life values. (more…)

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