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JK Kids Clothing

Quality kids fashion at an affordable price is proving hard to come by these days. Thankfully, the folk down at JK are here to make sure it is not too hard. Beginning with shoes, the JK range soon expanded to include a range of trendy and hard-wearing clothing and accessories for kids across the world. […]

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Summer Time Foods for Kids

Summer time is a great period for kids to get out of the house and become active in the fresh air. However, while their active lifestyle is great for their health, they often undo all of the good work by indulging in they typical summer time diet. Hot dogs, cake, ice-cram, chips, sweets, meat pies, […]

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Drunken Sailor

Well, the song might be talking about a drunken man who is trying to sober up, but the music itself is as catchy as ever, and pretty fun for any kid to sing along to. Drunken Sailor is a famous traditional sea jingle also known as What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor? or […]

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The Sandlot Kids

One of the most famous and classic children’s movie for the Gen-Ys of today is the backyard baseball bunch of teenage boys called the ‘Sandlot Kids’. The movie was released in 1993 and was directed by the famous David Mickey Evans. (more…)

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Getting Your Kids Outside and Active This Winter

Summers coming up, and with the great weather and summer holidays, it’s a great time for your kids to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and benefit from some physical exercise. (more…)

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She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

She’ll be coming round the mountain is an American folk song that is loved by children from all English speaking corners of the globe. Written in the late 1800s, the song was supposedly crafted by workers building a train track. During work they used to sing the song when they were laying down the planks […]

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The Adventures of Pinnochio

The classic story of Pinocchio is simple. A young boy who lies and as a result, his nose grows bigger, punishing him in a humorous way. The story of the young boy Pinocchio was told for the first time in the 1883 novel titled: The Adventures of Pinocchio. (more…)

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Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock is a famous English children’s nursery rhyme involving a famous unnamed mouse and a clock. Sound simple? Well that’s the beauty of kids’ songs, the simpler, the better! (more…)

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Super Mario Chess Set

If you call yourself the ultimate Super Mario fan, then here is some news for you. Your favourite Nintendo characters are now teaming up for an assault on the board game world, with the release of Super Mario Chess Set. (more…)

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Bingo, or B – I – N – G – O! as it is often sung as, is a kid’s song which involves those joining in, spelling the name of a dog. The song involves an increasing amount of letters replaced with claps on each repetition. (more…)

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