Making Homework Fun

After returning from school, children either play or sleep. But, whether your child likes it or not, there is homework to be done before returning to school the next day!  Completing homework is a task not only for the kids but for their parents too. In order to make sure that their children complete their homework, parents should get creative and add an element of fun to their homework. Follow some ideas listed below to make your child’s homework fun!

  • Fix a time: A parent should recognize a time when their child is happy and energetic. Some children are energetic in the morning while some are so in the evening. Once the parent understands when the child is comfortable doing the homework, that time should be fixed for completing school related tasks. This will habituate the child and will build a sense of responsibility in him.


  • Allow breaks: Never force your child to complete all the homework in one go. Allow breaks which are refreshing. Allow the child to watch television for 30 minutes in the break. Make sure he does not take long breaks. Your child can go play for a while and then come back home and complete the remaining homework.


  • Make snacks: Before the child sits to do his homework, prepare some delicious treats for him. Let him know that his efforts will be rewarded and that he will be given cakes, chips ( or some other food your child enjoys) when he successfully does his homework. The idea here is to motivate him to do his work rather than bribe him, so whether you do that with food or his allocated television time, is totally up to you.


  • Change the approach: If your child has writing assignments, participate in the homework by giving your views. Allow the child to explore the internet and find something relevant to the homework. In this way, the child does not just do homework for the sake of it, he will also learn more about the subject. If it is literature related homework, enlighten your child on the author or the poet so that they gain more knowledge and gather some interest in literature.


  • Challenge them: As a parent, you know what your child is required to study on a particular day. And chances are that you know all the answers to his homework questions. To get your child excited, challenge them to finish the homework before you. You could act troubled or confused while doing the work or take his help too. Not only will this motivate him to beat you, he will feel proud  of the fact that he knows the answers to the questions while you do not.


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