Fast Foods to Make at Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to find foods that your children are happy to eat, but they always seem to be happy with fast food options. We discovered that our children tend to like the fast food options that come with a small toy included. The toy is always favoured over the food, so we came up with the idea of purchasing a few small toys to keep in the cupboard to present to the children with their fast food from the kitchen dinners and this has been quite successful.

Following are three of our favourite fast foods that you can make at home very easily.

Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is a great meal for when you don’t have much time on your hands as all you have to do is throw everything into the oven then sit back and relax. Fish is the best source of Omega 3 and is great for brain development in children. There are so many different options out there that you should be able to find something at your local supermarket that your child will happily eat.

As for chips you can go a few different ways. Purchasing frozen chips is the easiest. However with a bit of prep work, you can make tasty chips from a bag of potatoes. The best suggestion I can give you is to boil your chips once you have chopped them up, this way they are partially cooked before you put them in the oven. Lay them out on a tray & drizzle with a little oil. Mum and dad might like to sprinkle on some garlic powder or dried rosemary for something different.


A fun fast food option that the kids can join in with creating is pizza. Kids love to get their hands dirty making their own pizzas and are more likely to eat the end result if they have had a part in making it. For you children, the best option for pizza bases is to use English muffins as they are the perfect size for little mouths (and tummies).

As well as offering the usual toppings of tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, capsicum etc you can try some different things. Let the kids decide what they’d like to have on their pizzas to make them feel more in control of their dinner options. Pizzas in our household have had different toppings such as avocado, baked beans, corn, frankfurts and even snow peas.

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a favourite with kids everywhere and they are surprisingly easy to make with this recipe by Annabel Karmel, from her book “Feeding your Baby and Toddler”.

375gm chicken breast, cut into chunks
1 large onion, peeled & diced
2tbs chopped fresh parsely
1 small apple, peeled & grated
45gm fresh breadcrumbs
1 chicken stock cube, crumbled
60gm dry breadcrumbs
60gm cheese & onion crisps, finally crushed (we used salt & vinegar)
vegetable oil for frying.

1) Put the first six ingredients in a food processor & chop for a few seconds until well combined. Shape the mixture into a flat disc.
2) Use a 6cm biscuit cutter to press out the shape. Mix together the dry breadcrumbs & crisps on a plate and press the pieces into the coating.
3) Heat enough oil for shallow frying in a large frypan.
4) Add the nuggets and cook for about 6 minutes, turning occasionally until golden brown & cooked through.

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